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Yogananda Martin

Breathwork facilitator, Biodynamic Craniosacral Rebalancing practitioner and Psychologist.

After working with children in his home country, he started travelling and exploring different ways of healing and meditation.

Healing modalities offered:

Biodynamic Craniosacral Rebalancing

Healing approach focused on self regulation and harmony in the body. By the presence of the practitioner, your system gets the support it needs to fully activate it's own healing abilities.

The session can be used to help with health issues and also with processing emotional and traumatic experiences stored in the body.

This is a very gentle and subtle approach, based fully on the connection between you and the practitioner.


Biodynamic Breathwork

Healing approach that uses the power of breath to open chronically held tensions in the body, release stuck emotions and clean the flow of life energy.

It is a great way to enliven yourself, get in touch with your joy and power.

Breathwork can be both gentle and subtle, depending on what you and your body need.


Ericksonian hypnosis

Creative approach to hypnotic work, sourcing from Milton Erickson, M.D., one of the most famous hypnosis practitioners of the last century.

It uses the subtle art of metaphor to help you go inside yourself, get in tune with your unconscious mind and release it's own healing abilities.

This session can be a great way to help you connect inside yourself, fully relax and let go.

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